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  • Andrea Roberts

How we got Case's diapers covered by insurance!

This post is a paid sponsorship, but please read to the end because this company truly changed our lives! All opinions and experiences are all my own.

Case's potty training journey looks a bit different than most kids his age. We have tried a few times to potty train him, and he just isn't quite ready. So we will continue to be patient and support him in the things he needs. He will be 5 years old this weekend, so the pressure to potty train him seems great. I'm constantly reminding myself that Case will do things on his own time, and he will master that skill someday, just on his own timetable. Even if he doesn't master it, we love him regardless and want to help him how we can.

Providing Case with diapers that fit him is one of our responsibilities as his parents. It's been hard knowing that he has been in the biggest size in some of the main diaper brands, and it's been stressful wondering what he will wear next.

Enter Aeroflow Urology and Cuties Baby Care. When they reached out to us wanting to work together on spreading the word about their services, they were truly an answer to our prayers. We had never heard of them and had absolutely no idea we could get help with paying for Case's incontinence supplies, specifically diapers.

Aeroflow Urology works with insurances such as Medicaid and many others to help provide high quality diapers to children over 3 who have a disability. With brands like Cuties, SleepOvers, and Prevail, your child will be covered at any age. Do the math, imagine if we had heard of Aeroflow Urology 2 years ago. I want everyone to know about them and fill out their eligibility form to see if their child qualifies for assistance with supplies.

Parents with children who have disabilities have a lot on their plates as is, and if there is help readily available for them through their insurance that they are not aware of, I want them to hear about it sooner than later.

Case has been getting the Cuties brand of diapers from Aeroflow Urology, and they are great for him. They come in size newborn-7 and are hypoallergenic. He has such sensitive skin so I was really worried switching to them from a name-brand, but he has done great and hasn't shown any signs of irritation to the diapers. We look forward to moving to SleepOvers and eventually Prevail products, if needed. We know that Cuties and Prevail will keep him covered and dry, no matter what.

I'm so glad Aeroflow Urology and Cuties reached out to us and helped us get Case's diapers covered by insurance. If you think your child might be eligible for this same kind of assistance, click here to fill out this form. If you have any questions at all about the process, don't hesitate to reach out to me, I'm happy to share more about our experience. For us, it was pretty seamless. We sent in the form with Case's information, and they did all the leg work. They called and checked with us on Case's size and what type of supplies would work best for him. Shortly after we had a box of diapers on our porch. I cannot say enough good things about the people at Aeroflow Urology and Cuties Baby Care.

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