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  • Andrea Roberts

Moving Case to a "Big Boy Bed"

Moving Case to a "big boy bed" has been a huge fear of mine since he was a baby. I follow so many people on social media who have kept their kids with Down Syndrome in a crib for many many years. I worried he would never be ready to move out of his crib based off what I saw from other moms with kids with DS.

A few months ago Case started constantly hitting his head on the side of his crib, and seemed to never be able to get comfortable in his crib. Collin and I debated for a few weeks whether or not we should try to switch him out of it. He had never tried to crawl out of it, and it was so nice to be able put him their for his nap if he wasn't asleep. But ultimately comfort and him getting a good night's rest outweighed the other things and we decided to go for it.

We had an old full mattress from when Collin was younger and debated on using it. Then we remembered how big the hole in it was from him being a high school kid on it and decided it was time to retire that one. Case deserved a new mattress, so the search began for a mattress we approved of for Case. We wanted a full size bed, not a tiny toddler bed, because we wanted him to be able to grow into it and not have to switch again in a few years. Plus who doesn't want a big bed. I know we love our king even though it's way bigger than we are!

Naturepedic approached us about sending us a mattress for Case around this same time. I researched them and from what I read about the quality of their products and the reviews from other customers, we couldn't say no. I always try to do research about a company before we accept a product from them, and this was no acceptation. Although this product was gifted to us, this is solely my true opinion of the mattress and we would not have kept it if we didn't truly approve of it!

I read about their different types of mattresses and we decided on the Verse Organic Kids Mattress. It seemed perfect for Case based on the fact that it was made specifically for kids, and yet was the size we wanted. Of course it being Certified Organic AND Non-Toxic, it seemed like the safest option for him.

After getting the mattress we were worried the transition would be tough. I thought he would crawl out of the bed constantly and want to come to our room. Especially because we decided to keep the mattress on the floor for awhile until he gets used to not having the sides that come with a crib. To our surprise he has never crawled out in the night and we have been using it for a few weeks now. He has been sleeping really well on it and you can tell it's so much more comfortable for him. Collin and I also tend to go lay on it when he's playing in his room because we love how comfy it is!

All in all we have been so impressed with our Naturepedic mattress for Case and I would get one again in a heartbeat given the choice. With it's 10-Year Warranty we shouldn't have to buy another one for quite awhile. Wahoo for making room for baby number 2 and not having to buy another crib. Can't believe our first little baby is grown up to a big boy bed, but sure am thankful for the smooth transition we have had.

If you are feeling like your child is ready to move out of a crib, follow your gut and use your best mother's instinct to decide if you should move forward with it. It's a personal decision for every mom and there is no right or wrong answer. You know your kid best and no one else.

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