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  • Andrea Roberts

Potty Training a Child With Down Syndrome

This post is sponsored by Summer Infant, but features my honest thoughts.

"Wait until they are ready."

"Wait until they show interest."

"We are the country that waits the longest to potty train in France they're trained by 1!"

"Use rewards like candy!"

"Don't use candy for rewards it makes them expect it."

The list goes on and on and on. Everyone has an opinion on potty training and yet we all scratch our heads and wonder when is the right time. Now, full disclosure here, I have never actually potty trained a child myself, SO take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

However, in my opinion I think every child is going to be so different! Then you add in an extra chromosome and all that brings and it will really vary. I can't imagine that it's worth it to force a child to keep up with a typical child on milestones, BUT I do think we limit what our kids can do by labeling them with what other kids with Down Syndrome have done in the past. Your kid might take a lot longer, a little longer or be right next to typical children when it comes to potty training. Whatever that may be, that is A-OKAY! I firmly believe as a mother you have an instinct for what they need and when they need it. Trust your instincts and you won't fail your child.

If your child is taking longer than expected switching from diapers to underwear, just remember that there are so many things they ARE doing, and diapers are not something that are the worst thing in the world to deal with. Be patient, their time will come.

Case is 23 months old right now and we have been introducing the potty to him slowly. We got the new My Size Potty Train & Transtition from Summer Infant and he absolutely loves sitting on it. He thinks it's so fun to watch his legs swing back and forth. I'm pretty sure he feels like the coolest kid on the block when he sits on it. Click here to see the toilet!

We have been having him sit on it before he gets in the tub and any other time during the day that he shows interest. It's been successful so far,. He only ever wants to get off it if he hears the tub water start running.

It even has a flusher that makes a toilet flushing sound. I like the simplicity of it, and don't even mind it sitting out in my bathroom because of how tiny and cute it is. I'm glad it's all white and looks like a real toilet. There is also a place to store wipes in the top of it, and they actually stay hidden. Can you tell I don't like clutter? One more thing, it transitions into a seat that can sit on the real toilet, which I love for later on!

I'm nervous and excited to be starting our potty training journey. It may be years from now, or it may be months from now, but sooner or later Case will master that number 1 and number 2 business! Mark my words.

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