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  • Andrea Roberts

A Family Date Night at One of Our Favorites

Noodles and Company sponsored this post.

I am a sucker for a family date night. It doesn't even have to be a date that's just me and Collin. I love having Case tag along.

I am also a sucker for pasta. I have a serious carb problem and would eat carbs all day everyday if it was socially acceptable, along with if I could not gain a pound. I have been a huge fan of Noodles and Company for a long time. I remember when it FINALLY came to a city near us and I was so excited to try it! I immediately was hooked on their Pesto Cavatappi dish. It's so good with breaded chicken!

The last time we went there we decided to branch out and try two of their brand new dishes.

Collin tried the Zucchini Spicy Peanut Sauté with Grilled Chicken

I tried The Zucchini Truffle Mac with Grilled Chicken.

We were nervous we wouldn't like the zoodles so we even got a separate bowl of our regular, the pesto pasta I mentioned before, but we didn't even touch it. We loved the two new dishes so much we took the pesto pasta home to eat the next day! We were super impressed. I couldn't believe how much the zoodles just went with the pasta. I didn't feel like I was just eating vegetables at all. They were soo good! Even Collin who I was sure wouldn't, loved them! I will definitely be having the new Zucchini Truffle Mac again!

Collin was convinced his food was the very best, and I was convinced mine was. I guess that's a sure sign you can't go wrong with either one. Case had the Mac N' Cheese and was such a good little boy at the table. Noodles and Company is such a family friendly environment I know we'll be back for family date night.

To check out their full menu click here.

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