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  • Andrea Roberts

Our Master Bedroom

Cstudio Home stepped up with the bedding for our bed. We absolutely love it. I like the all white look of the bed skirt, quilt and pillows, but wanted to add a pop of color with the off pink pillows. I think they turned out perfect.

We are still renting which means we are unable to paint our walls. I would have chosen an off-white color if I had the choice, but they are tan. Someday we will have a home of our own where we get to choose what it looks like... hopefully! Sometimes it feels like that day will never come. *Cue me telling myself to enjoy this season of life.

Case is obsessed with playing on a made bed. He gets so happy when we turn the corner into our bedroom. It's one of his favorite places to play!

I'll link everything here for you to shop including the headboard, painting, lamps which are from other places.

All in all I think it turned out great. Cstudio Home has some really cute things. You guys should check them out!

White Quilt

White Pillowcases

Off-pink Pillowcases

Cotton Blanket (Under the covers)





Bull Painting

Decorating is something I enjoy so much! It's so fun and rewarding to see a room come together as you imagined.

Happy decorating!



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