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  • Andrea Roberts

GOOD-bye Summer 2018

I won’t lie this summer wasn’t one that will go down as one of the funnest summers ever. We didn’t do much, in fact we went to the pool twice and the lake twice, that’s basically it! Other than that Case entertained himself a lot while I did homework. It’s been hard to be honest, and I’m ready for a different season. School is coming to an end for me, and I couldn’t be happier! Summer 2018 will forever go down in my books as the summer my little boy ate way too much dirt from my flower beds, rode many hours strapped to me on the lawn mower, and the hard summer that had to be done. Being in school full time and being a good mom and wife has been something I feel that I didn't accomplish. I was usually good at being one or the other, but never all three. Like I said, it was a summer that had to be done, and never again, for a while at least, will I spend summer doing school!

Our summer was filled with a lot of homework, tractor rides, canning. late nights missing Collin, and corn on the cob! I used to love summertime, and I still do in a way, but I love winter more because I actually get to see my husband! Summer is so special to our family because it is when we make our livelihood. There is something so rewarding about watching the crops grow, and seeing Col's hard work pay off.

I spent a lot of days canning peaches, pickles, chicken, beans, salsa, and froze lots and lots of corn! I love this time of year where everything is ready to be harvested, and it feels like we are bracing ourselves for the winter months ahead with homegrown food from the garden. From September through December I live for the food, holiday festivities, days with my husband, and everything fall/winter. It's not just Christmas that makes this time of year the best, but everything from here until then!

I'll never forget Case this summer signing "please" every time he came close to a window or door. He LOVED being outside, and though I am ready for the cold weather, I know he will be sad that he can't spend every second outside. He is so content out there. I'll also never forget how many times he almost ate a rock. It was a full-time job to try to keep him from putting them in his mouth! To my knowledge, he still hasn't ate one, but who's to say he didn't sneak one in while I wasn't watching! Definitely excited to not have to worry about hi eating the snow as much!

Bring on the rest of the year. It's a bittersweet goodbye to Summer 2018, but mostly a GOOD-bye. I'm ready to move on to another season where my husband actually exists in my life and homework doesn't overtake every free second I have.

While we were at the pool this summer our Kortni Jeane swimmers were such a huge hit. We got so many questions about where we got our matching swimsuits! Here is the website you can purchase your matching ones from. We have absolutely loved ours. I feel like the sizing is pretty true to size, but if you are going to change your size at all I would size down not up.

Peace out summer, and HELLO FALL.

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