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  • Andrea Roberts

Why it is important to implement exercise in our life

Growing up I was always really active. So was my husband, Collin. We both played sports and were highly competitive that way. Then you get married and realize that you aren't working out constantly, and suddenly the plateful of carbs you just ate aren't going to be burnt off during practice tomorrow. Needless to say, I put on some weight after we got married. Honestly, some of that weight is still there! And part of that is just becoming a women, having a baby, not playing basketball all the time to keep me tiny.

Since having Case, I have tried to establish a good workout routine that works for me. I am such a tight budgeter that I just can't justify buying a gym pass. I LOVE High Fitness, and have attended that on occasion, but I don't live close enough to one, or have a babysitter that could tend Case while I went. So all this being said, I have really tried to find a routine to work for me. Three days a week I have been working out to the Popsugar videos on Youtube. They are challenging, and I really have found some that I actually enjoy a lot!

It's really important for me to show Case how important it is to take care of your body. Naturally, he will be more prone to obesity, just because of his genetics. There are certain factors of his hormones, like the level of leptin, that are different than mine which makes him susceptible for gaining weight. I hope to show Case that living a healthy lifestyle and finding time to exercise is important. Obviously I'll love him regardless of his weight, but anything to keep him healthier, I'll do!

*Disclaimer, I'm not claiming to be the healthiest person ever because, well I'm not! Unless Diet Coke has it's own spot on the food pyramid. ;)

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