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  • Andrea Roeberts

One Week Without Social Media

Social Media has brought so much GOOD to my life. I have met some of my very greatest friends through a little app called Instagram. I have connected with many other parents with children with Down Syndrome, and been support for others who are embarking on their new life with a DS diagnosis. The good for me will always outweigh the bad.

Taking a step back from what is so good about social media, I am not unaware of the negative things it has brought upon my family, and probably yours too. I have missed out on many moments with Case that would have been more special than a screen, and brought more joy than the comments from people I don't really 'know' on Instagram. I have missed nights of pillow talk with Collin because I've had my eyes glued to a screen. I've caused fights by missing what was said because I was more into what was going on on the screen vs the actual conversation being had.

I read a book called Hands Free Mama a few months ago and it changed the way I look at every moment. It says to make a list of moments that matter. After listing these moments that matter, you are acknowledging that these moments are more important than work, your phone, a clean house etc. So here are my moments that matter, so far.

1. Case giggles

2. Pillow Talk with Collin

3. A happy Case in the tub

4. Drives with my family at sunset

5. Case dancing to music

6. Kisses goodnight, and Kisses Goodbye

7. Playing Peek a Boo with the blanket

8. Working hard on therapy with Case

9. Listening to Collin Farm Talk

10. Reading to Case

I decided to take a break from social media for one full week. I knew the first few days would be 'hard' as I found ways to occupy my hands when I had a free moment during nap time, or a long wait at a doctor appointment.

The first day was like I imagined, but it only took one day for me to lose that urge to check my phone. It was honestly quite freeing to feel that I didn't have to check in on everyone else through Instagram, and I didn't need to show what we were doing. Instead we lived our little life as we always do for the week. Without sharing with everyone what was happening, and seeing some sort of drama unfold on my phone.

When I finally got my apps back on my phone I told Collin that I was uninterested in what was going on in the screen. Of course I went and checked up on what some of my 'favorites' and friends were doing, but I felt like I was wasting my time. I know this feeling will go away and soon I'll be sucked back into the screen life, but if going without it for a while taught me anything it would be these two things.

1. What happens on the screen does not matter. It just doesn't. sure the people behind the screen matter, and I'm not saying the people you follow don't matter, or even that their message doesn't. I'm simply saying, it has no affect on my life, and shouldn't on yours either. Our week was normal, I didn't feel any less important, or like we were exiled to the land of no communication. I spoke with friends through text, and honestly probably texted people back better than I would have normally. Life goes on without your apps, and you can find just as much meaning, or more, through living your life, not just showing it to everyone else.

2. A LOT of time is wasted on my phone. I got SOO much more done this week than I have in a long time. I found balance between friends, family, and obligations/responsibilities. This alone was so worth it. If I feel that balance being lost again, I'll probably do this again.

Now, back to the land of Insta or Facebook, and sharing our cute boy with the world. I hope you all will take the time to gain perspective through no social media for a specified amount of time.

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