• Andrea Roberts


Reflecting on the year is one of my favorite things to do. We often get busy in life, and are constantly looking forward to the next thing we need to accomplish, or next big event, that we don’t take time to pat ourselves on the back for the things we have already done.

Rewind back to 2016. The absolute hardest year of my life. It puts the year of my parents’ divorce to shame. I spent from March to October sicker than i ever imagined was possible.

I sobbed in bed for many of those months, and even the people closest to me don’t understand the misery I was in.

I only bring this up because I vowed after I had Case and was back to my healthy self, that i would never take for granted a healthy day. That was my biggest resolution in the beginning of 2017. I wanted to be more empathetic to those who were suffering physically, and mentally. I wanted to be thankful for every day spent without any suffering.

I slowed down in many ways during this last year. I listened to the birds, enjoyed being with family, and not a day went by that I didn’t thank my Heavenly Father for another healthy day. Though I was not perfect at remaining empathetic towards others who were physically ill, i always tried my best.

As I’ve thought back on the year and tried to pull something similar that changed me this year to draw up some resolutions and only one thing keeps coming to mind, and that is to BE PRESENT.

It’s much more simple than this past year’s, yet the meaning is so much more personal to my little family.

I am a mother, to a little boy who adores me. He needs my undivided attention. I am the wife to a silly husband who would love nothing more than a conversation in the car about farming without me glancing at my phone.

I know I will not be perfect at this, but it is my goal. Finding a healthy balance with social media is hard. It’s blessed my family with sooo much the last year. In fact, one of my other resolutions is to continue with our social media platform and stay motivated to share our life with Case. That’s the great thing about our goals, they are specifically tailored for us. I can have important time with my family while still having a presence on social media. It’s all about balance, and that’s something I’ll be trying to be better at this year.

Nothing will ever be more important than an embrace with my spouse, or a giggle from my sweet boy.

The other huge thing I'm taking from this last year is to be kind to EVERYONE, even if they are not kind to you. Sometimes we don't understand why people treat us the way they do, but fighting hate with hate will ever turn that hate into good, only kindness can. This applies so much to my life, as well as little Caser. We get some pretty nasty comments on pictures of Case and as much as my motherly instinct wants to attack, it does no good. We can only love those people who have hate in their heart and just pray and hope that one day they will accept us for who we are, and love us in return.

Here are the rest of my resolutions. I figure maybe if I post them on the internet I’ll follow through?!

  1. Be Present

  2. Journal weekly

  3. Pillow Talk with Col EVERY night

  4. Make my bed everyday

  5. Study the scriptures more in depth

  6. Listen to 1 book per month

  7. ROUTINE for temple dates

  8. Learn to say no things that will only cause me negative stress and not benefit my family

  9. Keep up on photo books better this year

  10. Be a better listener

  11. Stick to our monthly budget even better than last year

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