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  • Andrea Roberts

Great Toys to help with Development of Motor & Sensory Skills

After having Case, I felt this insane pressure to provide every little thing that would be beneficial for Case's development. I had no idea where to begin, and I was overwhelmed when I searched online and the results were endless. "Best toy for fine motor skills!" or "#1 recommended toy for sensory development!". The claims were never-ending, and most seemed too fake to trust. As a first time mom, we didn't have many toys, and I was stressed as to which ones to buy.

I never followed someone else's suggested list, nor did I buy every single toy that claimed it would help with development. I bought what I thought Case would enjoy and play with, and things that our Occupational Therapist seemed to have in therapy, and suggested would be good for him.

So in an effort to help you find some things that will hopefully help with the progress of your child's motor and sensory skills I've compiled a list of items that I think have helped Case. If nothing else, he loved playing with them, and that's really what matters anyways!

None of these items are sponsored. This is simply a list I've put together of toys that we purchased that were beneficial to Case.

1. This ball has been Case's favorite since he was interested in toys. He loves sticking a stick and picking it up. We eventually put a lanyard on it and hung it around his neck so that when he threw it he didn't lose it. My number one recommended toy for sure!

2. Case's OT has been trying to get him to put these coins in this pig ever since we started therapy. He hasn't quite figured it out, but he is getting there. It's a great cause and effect toy and makes noise so he really likes it. It's a good way for him to improve his motor skills.

3. This little piano is a great toy to get them up on their arms when they are doing tummy time. It helped Case get his head up and use his neck muscles. Something that lights up and sings was always enough to keep his head up.

4. Case really likes these rings from the octopus on this game. He doesn't do much with the actual octopus, but he LOVES the rings. He uses a syringe to pick up the rings and it's his favorite bath time game.

5. I have no idea why, but case has one of these stroller books and absolutely loves it! He doesn't even really look at the book much, but will hold onto the cord and dangle the book back and forth. He loves it! Not sure what motor skills this will help, but hey he likes it!

6. These rattles were really good for entertaining Case when in the car. He really likes anything that makes noise, and the cause and effect of a rattle. Keeping a soft one around was great when he was too young to avoid his face. Highly recommend these rattles, I love that I can just throw them in the washing machine when they are dirty too.

7. Sensory toys are great for helping kids avoid having sensory problems when they are older. These balls are some of Case's favorite balls. He doesn't mind the textures at all, and loves to throw them. I thought these ones were a decent price too for how many you get.

8. This xylophone was Case's favorite birthday present. It was a huge hit. He not only loves to hit it and make music, but he loves to use the stick to hit just about anything else he can with it. One thing that did kind of stink was the cord connecting the stick to the xylophone wasn't long enough to really play it, so we ended up cutting it apart. We haven't lost the stick...yet. So it's been working great that way.

9. You wouldn't believe how many car trips this toy saved. I had a friend tell me that this was a very soothing toy, and they were right! It lights up and plays music, so it's really good for younger babies in the car and such.

10. Tipping over blocks was something we worked on a lot in therapy. Trying to teach Case that HE could cause something like that to happen took a little time, but now he's a little terror and loves tipping things over. These ones are soft, so they are great for younger kids, not just older ones. Another good idea is to tip over rain sticks.

11. There are so many stack-able ring toys to choose from, but I chose this one because it makes noise and lights up. The songs don't always rhyme, which I find odd, haha--but other than that Case really likes this toy, and I'm sure he doesn't mind the non-rhyming songs.

12. This matching shape toy was a birthday present to Case, and he LOVES it. He hasn't quite figured out how to match the shapes on his own, but he loves to pick up the box and shake it around and make noise with the blocks in it. I think it'll be great for him to learn shapes someday.

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