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  • Andrea Roberts

10 Things I wish I'd told my Pre-Farmer's Wife Self

Farming is finally starting to slow down this year and it has me thinking about how my life didn't play out as I had "planned". Almost everyone I talk to from my teenage years makes some comment that they didn't ever peg me as marrying a farmer. I can't say I did myself either.

I had always pictured my life being in a bigger city when I was a kid, and marrying some business man. I don't know why this was my idea of what my future would look like. But you know life, always surprising you and showing you what you really need.

That life, a silly thing he is.

As a "Farmer's Wife" I have learned a lot over the years,

So if I could go back to our first summer married and prevent many future fights, here would be what I would have told myself.

1. Never ask what time he will be home.

"When the work is done."

2. His work clothes, aren't going to be pretty.

They are holy, stained with oil and faded from the sun.

3. Pipe sucks.

Every day, every night. And no don't ask, they can't just shut it off.

4. He will be tired.

You wait all day for him to get home, he will roll in at 8 or 9, shower, eat dinner, and will generally fall asleep on the couch. His days are long, be patient.

5. Sundays will be your most prized possession during the Summer.

The one day you get him all to yourself! (Well after pipe that is.. see what I mean? ;)

6. Many mornings you will wake up to a sunrise picture.

As Collin says "The best part of my job."

7. Plan a vacation? Yeah right!

Everything depends on the weather, which is hard to predict. Get used to throwing your suitcase together last minute.

8. He will always always be more tan than you.

I've given up on this one. I'll always look like a ghost next to my farmer boy.

9. You will miss out on things.

Get used to it. But you will survive.

10. It's a b e a u t i f u l life.

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