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  • Andrea Roberts

How to make everyone like you?

I've wondered this question for the last few years. As I've gotten older and seen how adults treat other adults, I have came to the conclusion that we are nothing more than children in adult bodies. We hold our children to high expectations of being a friend and not a bully, when we ourselves as adults are unkind in our own ways. Everyone's reason is different. Some are holding onto things that have happened in the past, some are stuck on differences, some are angry because you have something they want, others are jealous of your success, and some don't have a good reason at all. Though, none of these reasons are good really. So just how do you make everybody like you? Well you can't. Plain and simple. There is always going to be someone that envies you, or wishes to see you fail. Embrace it. Know that you can be successful, and even happy, without the consent of others. This has been a hard concept for me to grasp. I've always longed to be liked by everyone, and pleasing to everyone. When I finally let go of the need to be liked, and the endless fight for admiration from others, I found a new love for myself. When you can love yourself, instead of question why others don't, that's when you know you're at peace with who you are. Be you. Don't be ashamed of who you are, or what you have been blessed. Embrace the ones who love you, love the ones who don't.

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