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  • Andrea Roberts

Ollie Swaddle


I will never tire of those goodmorning grins from Case. He's the sweetest little thing I ever did see. And that nose scrunch?! I MELT.

Ollie Swaddle

I love the Ollie Swaddle for so many different reasons.

1. It is a cute color. Who can beat that?

2. It's really easy to use!

3. The Velcro wrap is the one Swaddle he can't wiggle out of easy.

4. It is great even for long babies, which Case is! The Velcro closures also make it able to be fit to each unique baby's size. The swaddle is one size, so that makes it great for your growing baby. It's not something that you need to go buy a new size every three months. Hallelujah. I'm all for saving a buck or two, and not accumulating so much baby crap!

5. The elastic at the bottom is unique, and clever! It makes changing a diaper really easy, and you don't need to completely un-swaddle the baby to do so! (Score! More sleep?!)

I wish I would have had this when Case was really little because I'm sure it would have been so nice when he was crazy about that womb tightness! It always amazes me how tight they like to be wrapped up when they are newborns. But then I remember how tight they are in our bellies, and it's no wonder, really!

And in all seriousness I love being wrapped up right like a burrito, so yo Ollie World.. when will there be one my size? HAHAHA I can just imagine me laying on it and telling Collin I'm ready to get swaddled for bed!

Seriously though?

This swaddle is known as the Smarter Swaddle because it is designed to go under the shoulders, making it safer than swaddles that go up to the neck. I'm a paranoid person, ask my husband, and with swaddle I don't need to worry near as much about suffocation because of where it is placed on the body.

When it comes to swaddles you can buy sooo many different kinds. It's never ending I feel like there are new ones coming out all the time. I would highly recommend the Ollie Swaddle over others I have used. It's safety, uniqueness, and user-friendliness can't be beat. Be sure to buy one when you see they are in stock, because they tend to go out of stock quick!

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