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  • Andrea Roberts

Top 10 Baby Must Haves

I've already said it once, but I'll say it again. I like to be minimalistic when it comes to stuff, so I have really tried to keep baby things to a minimum. I have limited it down to my top ten items that I believe are a must have for a new mom!

**Some of these items are sponsored, however I was not required to include them in my "Top 10" post. The opinions are solely mine and completely honest.

1. A Soft swaddle. I have used swaddle blankets more than I have used anything else for Case. These ones from @bebeaulait are some of my favorites. Check them out here.

2. A BACKPACK diaper bag. I can't say this enough. Maybe it was because Case had Oxygen at first so we were constantly toting that plus him and then a diaper bag around, but this was a must for us.

3. An Ollie Swaddle. Most of these swaddles with Velcro I couldn't stand. They seemed more annoying than anything. Until I tried this one! The Ollie Swaddle is soft material and it's easy to use. The bottom is open with an elastic to put around the very end. I wish I would have had this one earlier than I did. It would have been perfect for the newborn swaddles. Get one here.

4. A Wild bird sling. Yes they sent us one to try out and post about, however, I'm being a hundred percent honest when I say that I LOVE this sling. I loved it more than any other stretchy fabric wraps I tried. It is made of linen so the support is unbeatable. There's nothing that I have personally tried that compares to it. They have soo many cute colors to choose from here.

5. A Binxy hammock. These shopping cart hammocks are life changing. Is it just me or do you feel so bad for your baby when you have to run errands and they are stuck in their car seat the whole time? I feel awful! So when Binxy sent us this to try out i was ecstatic. Where Case hasn't mastered sitting up yet, this has been great for grocery trips.

6. A Dockatot. I won't rave about this again, just read my last blog post to hear why I love these so much!

7. A Promptly Journal. These journals are going to change the way we journal! It is basically a journal that is all for your child. A place to record milestones and little things you want to remember. There's a place to record your pregnancy and labor and even spots throughout to stamp your baby's footprints as they grow. I know someday this will be so fun to look back at with Collin and Case. Go buy one here now. It's a purchase I don't think you could regret if you tried.

8. A good binky strap. This one is pretty self explanatory right? Who wants to wash off a binky constantly. This one is DARLING from Pine and Poppy Shop we love to hook toys onto it as well since Case isn't a huge binky person.

9. An Oil Diffuser for the baby's room!

I can't tell you how much I believe in oils!! A lot. They've been a lifesaver to help Case sleep at night, and when he's been sick. This one is off amazon and it's been very reliable.

10. Grovia Magic Stick. When Case was about a month old he got the WORST diaper rash. His butt was raw. Our pediatrician mentioned this to us and I have loved it! You don't have to touch it with your fingers, and it smells sooo good. We got ours off Amazon here.

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