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  • Andrea Roberts

In Case You're Down about your Child's Diagnosis

A few months ago I was laying in bed and I had a strong impression that I needed to do something. I've always known since we had Case that I needed to be an advocate for Down Syndrome, but I wasn't sure how. Other than sharing our story and sharing Case with our little corner of the internet. That night I knew what needed to be done. So I gathered 5 families, some of whom I had never met, to take part in a video to share what they would go back and tell themselves after receiving their child's diagnosis if they could.

I remember laying in the uncomfortable hospital couch with Collin and searching for any type of video we could about Down Syndrome after Case was born. They were what carried us through some long hospital days at the beginning.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Lyndi and Rob Benson from Sugar Rush Photo + Video. They were amazing to work with and I know they put in countless hours on this project. They are HANDS DOWN some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. Check them out

I only ask one thing, that you SHARE this. Not for us, or even someone you know, but for the new mom pumping in the corner of a tiny NICU room because your baby can't latch yet due to muscle tone, this is for you.

Or the mom sleeping in a hospital hotel stay room in a separate bed from your spouse to be close to your baby to help with feeds during the night, this is for you. Even though I know you want to be held as you cry to sleep worried about your new baby.

For the new dad comforting your wife and reassuring her that she didn't cause this, this is for you. Or the one missing out on what's going on at the hospital because you're back to work to cover some of the hospital bills. ... Let's not forget the one who flew with the baby to a different hospital immediately after birth to have an emergency surgery while you left your wife behind this is for you.

For the new grandparents overwhelmed with joy and a sort of sadness you don't understand for your children, this is for you.

Or even for the Doctors and nurses trying to put yourself in your patient's, or their families' shoes, this is for you.

But especially, for the new parents facing this unknown journey. You may feel alone, confused, and fearful of what lies ahead.

This is for you.

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