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  • Andrea Roberts


When having a baby there are so many baby products out there it can be a little overwhelming. There's a gadget for this and for that and while all would be nice, what ones are really necessary? I can remember telling my friends, no matter what I will not buy crap I don't need! I try really hard to be a minimalist, but I'm far from it! I'm pretty sure I even specifically told one of my friends that I DID NOT need a DockAtot. Well I'm about to eat crow friends.. I LOVE IT and most importantly, so does Case! DockAtot sent us this to give a review, and while I was generally thinking this would come in handy "sometimes", it has turned out to be a DAILY use!

We have the Grand for Case since he is older and pretty big. There are two different sizes and that is important to take into consideration. Deluxe is recommended for 0-8 months and Grand for 9-36 months.

Not only has the DockAtot been good for home use, it was a lifesaver when we were camping. Case slept all three nights the whole way through! I kid you not, since receiving this he has slept like an angel boy. Which only seems fitting, because that's what he is!

I would highly recommend it to parents who co-sleep as well. We personally do not, but it seems like if you are going to it would be the safest way seeing as it has been tested for breath-ability. It is OEKO-TEX certified as well.

The DockAtot creates an ideal micro-climate for babies and toddlers. Not to mention, the Grand size, I've heard, can make transitioning from crib to bed a lot smoother. Something to consider, if you want sleep that is. ;)

It has been a game changer in this house. The DockAtot can be used for lounging, co sleeping or even playtime (They just released a toy arch to go over the bed). When Case learned to roll over, I was able to put him in the DockAtot on the ground while I switched the laundry or did the dishes, and not worry about him hitting his head on things.

We chose the Chevron print. Check out their website to see which print is your favorite!

I'm glad I gave the DockAtot a chance before I ruled it as unnecessary. It's a necessity in our household.

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