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  • Andrea Roberts

World Down Syndrome Day

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. A day that in the past, probably wouldn't have had much meaning to me. In fact, I'm sad to say I wouldn't have even known it existed.

3/21 (Get it TRISOMY 21 aka three copies of the 21st chromosome)

This week I was sickened when one of my fellow mother's to a child with DS had a comment posted on her page that read,

"If only Hitler had won....... we wouldn't have this abomination"

(Love you Taylor and Treg!!)

In addition there is an article that I have seen making it's way around the internet basically saying that there are some countries "getting it right" by eliminating DS from their population. I'm not kidding it's a real article and it's pretty sad that there are people who truly believe that.

I've been thinking in my head what I can do in my little corner of the earth that would make a difference. And although I cannot change what these small minded people believe, I can make a tiny difference in how some people view DS around me.

Because I feel so passionate about spreading awareness and acceptance of DS, I decided I want to make this day a day of giving! I hope each of you will join me on March 21st and make it a day of paying it forward. I see this as a fun tradition that we will do with Case each year as he gets old enough to help participate.

So basically do something meaningful for someone! Whether it be paying it forward by buying someone's drink at the gas station, complimenting a stranger, or visiting an elderly neighbor. I want to make March 21 a special one. Sure I could provide you all with a flyer that contains many facts about DS to go hand out to random people, but to be honest I know there are people who sadly, just simply don't care! That's okay. I think we can just SHOW people what DS is. And to me it is all about giving!

Case has given me soo much already, and others around me too. Not only that, but I've had the opportunity to be touched by so many other people with DS and I can say that without a doubt every single one I've met, would LOVE to give to those around them. These precious people are truly the most loving and caring people.

If you do a good deed oftentimes it is better to keep that deed to yourself so that you aren't boasting or bragging about it. In my opinion the ones that do a deed without needing applause from someone around them are the best kinds of givers.

Instead, snap a picture that day and use the hashtag #givingbackforDS to let me know you participated! You don't need to go into details of what you did or who you served, just let the world around you know that DS is caring and it's not something we should ever try to get rid of! If you do feel like you want to share what you did, leave a comment on this blog as Anonymous! I would love to hear all your stories, but let's keep the pride out of it by keeping it Anonymous!

I hope you will all participate and help in spreading awareness and acceptance of Down Syndrome by paying it forward!

P.S. This amazing picture by Kylee Ann Photography. She's amazing and I'll be talking more about her soon!

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