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  • Andrea Roberts

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Freshly Picked

If you are a fan of baby shoes you have probably heard of Freshly Picked. If you haven't, you are missing out and let me introduce you.

I can't rant and rave about these enough. They are moccasins designed specifically for babies/kids. One pair, and you'll be hooked.

Case has a couple pairs of FP Moccasins and they are seriously the best. I'd dare say they are the Cadillac of baby shoes. The Charmin of toilet paper, and even the Dove of chocolates. Yep they are THAT good.

I love these shoes because they aren't hard sole, so I can imagine they are super comfortable for babies to wear. They are also unisex. I can save them for my next baby even if it's a girl! (Although you can buy some that are gender specific).

These shoes are the only thing that keep Case's socks on and they have saved me from losing a sock or two in public. For those of you that have babies, you know all to well that it is next to impossible to find socks that stay on your baby's feet. Well look no further the solution is here, and it is caa-ute.

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