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  • Andrea Roberts

Thick Skin

When we had Case in the hospital and finally announced it onto social media we were bombarded with friend requests from random people we didn't know, or people that we knew from the community that had never had anything to do with us. Lots. Like 125+ within the first few days. I remember being so annoyed that people who probably wouldn't even say hi to me in the grocery store were trying to pry into my life because they had heard through the grapevine that Case was born with Down Syndrome.

I realize that anytime you post something on social media you are inviting people to look into your life, I was still annoyed though. There were literally people that had never smiled back at me in public, sending me nice messages.

Human nature is a funny thing. We always want to know what is going on. Even if it has nothing to do with us we want to know every detail and we tend to assume things we hear, even if they aren't true.

I've always been on the "Need to know everything" side. What a difference it was to be on the side that was being talked about.

Someone even told my grandma that we chose to bless and give Case a name at the hospital. Like who would make up that rumor? Or many were saying we probably hid it from everyone and knew all along. People are weird.

All these things bugged me so bad the first two weeks or so, I didn't approve all those friend requests and vowed I wouldn't, and then it suddenly hit me. Case is going to touch so many people's life, whether we know them or whether they have been nice to me before or not. How SELFISH of me to try to keep his light and sweet spirit to myself! So I decided to go the completely opposite direction and share as much Case as I can with you all, and answer any questions you may have.

These first few months have been great. We have learned how to handle the stares because he is on oxygen and respond to people asking why he is on it. I debated for awhile if I should say he has Down Syndrome when strangers ask in public, or if I should just brush off their questions. I have to say I've got it down pretty good now. It isn't even awkward to say now, I want to spread as much awareness about it as I can and especially to kids that have questions. It's easy to tell your kids not to stare, but sometimes they need to see and learn differences instead of being told to look away from such a young age. Maybe if we made Down Syndrome and other disabilities something to talk about with our kids from the beginning, we wouldn't be so prone to pry as adults.

One thing we have learned is that people say stupid things. This isn't something that happens on a daily basis, so it's pretty likely that people don't know how to handle it or what to say. That is okay. I forgive the people who told us sorry, because they simply didn't know what else to say! Or the ones who say they are glad to see us interacting with him, or that we still need to read to him. Like what do you think, we are just going to leave him in a car seat alone all day? Haha. I know people don't really think that, they just simply don't know what to say! So don't feel bad if you've said something like this or along these lines to someone like us. We are used to it and know you mean well.

I don't hold anything against those who were "getting in my business" as I thought at first. I am even thankful for the people who sent me nice messages that I was annoyed with at first. I was being overly sensitive and no one was intentionally trying to upset me. I'm glad that so many people have reached out and want to see Case and get a glimpse at his life. I've grown some thick skin and learned to be thankful for the nosiness that comes along with human nature.

I don't want this blog to be one that only talks about Down Syndrome and all that comes with it. It is something that Case has, but it does not define him. He is not Down Syndrome. I'll talk about it on this blog and answer in questions you may have about it, but I don't want it to be all that it's about, because he is soo much more than that!


Age: 3 Months Old

Accomplishments: He has started smiling more and holding up his head really good! He is also finding his voice and starting to coo. It is so cute!

Favorite Things: To hold onto anything he can get his hands onto. He loves loves loves his play mat. Loves to be held. Loves to stare at your face when you're holding him. Loves to eat!

Wearing: Size 6 month clothes! He has such a long body and short legs and the tiniest feet. He is still in 0-3 or Newborn shoes. Size 1 diapers.

He is still on oxygen and we follow up with the cardiologist again in two months to get another echo-cardiogram to see where things are at.

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