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  • Andrea Roberts

The Beginning

The most precious 24 hours of my life yet. November 12. I got up and rode with Col down to Trenton to haul some corn. I had been doing this in the morning with him for the last two weeks or so whenever he went to take a load. Justin, My father-in-law, came up to the dump truck window and said "No baby today?" (Like he had been saying to me every time he saw me for the last little bit) I of course told him no and he joked that I'd have a baby the next day. He had picked the 13th of November well over a month before then and I was convinced I was going over my due date-like every girl does when she's getting close. The day never seems like it will come. Surely all you moms out there can relate! On our way home from Trenton I was really nauseas and uncomfortable. I remember sitting forward and halfway off my seat because I just couldn't get comfortable. The nausea thing was normal for me so that didn't concern me, but I could tell this baby was starting to shift downwards. I got home and just couldn't shake off the feeling of being sick so I laid down on the couch and took a three hour nap-this would come in handy later! I remember waking up to Mack (our dog) standing right in front of my face staring at me, maybe I was snoring I don't know haha! Anyways around 4 that afternoon I started having some contractions. I had a few that morning, but these were getting stronger and more consistent. So I downloaded an app to track them and sure enough they were anywhere from 4-8 minutes apart and lasting 30-45 seconds. I texted Collin and told him what was going on. He was doing some field work and said he would be home around 7, but to tell him if I thought we needed to go in. I kept tracking my contractions until my app kept telling me that I should gather my stuff and go in to the hospital. It freaked me out so I texted Collin and said I thought we should go. Then I thought it through and realized I was listening to a phone app! Haha! so I texted him again and said we should wait longer. We had a work dinner to go to that night that wasn't until 8pm, so I thought I needed to tough it out until for sure after that. Plus I had heard of so many first time moms being sent back home after getting to the hospital because they weren't progressed enough. So I wanted to be extra sure! I got in a hot shower to try to help with the pain and didn't have a contraction for 16 minutes so I had decided I wasn't really in labor. I started getting ready for the dinner, then Collin got home. Sure enough my contractions picked back up stronger than before and as close as every two and a half minutes. Collin was freaking out a little and just kept saying "Are you sure?" "I feel wierd inside, is this really happening?!" We kept laughing and couldn't believe that we were maybe-actually going to have this baby! The baby's bag was already packed and ready, but we hadn't packed anything for us yet. We decided that if I was still contracting after the work dinner we would come home pack our bags and head down to the hospital. We went to the dinner and I kept tracking the contractions. They stayed consistently close and strong so after the dinner around about 9:30pm we came home and packed our bags and headed down to Logan. The whole drive down we were laughing so hard. I can't remember even what about, but I remember cry/laughing in the car and being mad at Collin because the laughing made the contractions hurt 20 x worse and he kept making jokes and making me laugh. We got to the hospital around about 10:30pm. They checked us into Labor and Delivery. The nurse checked me and I was only dilated to a 2 and 90% ephased. I cried a little inside because I was positive they would be sending me home since I was already dilated to a 1.5 and 70% ephased on Wednesday at my appointment with my doctor. They told me my doctor was on call this weekend. I was so happy about this because he was leaving town that week and was going to be gone over my due date. I was positive that he wasn't going to be able to deliver me. This made me progressing even more crucial because I really wanted him to deliver me!

The nurse gave me a gown and said I could walk the halls for an hour and see if I progressed anymore. So we walked. There was a Christmas tree put up in the hall and I remember thinking how excited I was to have a new baby for Christmas.

Collin kept track of the contractions on his phone. I had 18 strong contractions in the 55 minutes before we went back to the room to be checked. I was hopeful that I had progressed. They checked me and I was a 3! She said since it was my doctor on call she was 100% sure I'd be staying. She went to call my doctor and I kept telling Collin that I hoped they would keep me. It was now midnight and it would really suck to have to drive home and come back at 4am.

The nurse came back and said I was staying! I was beyond relieved and reality was setting in. We were really having a baby!! November 13. For about an hour and a half I contracted in some serious pain. Collin fell asleep on the couch and I knew we had a long next 24 hours ahead of us so I let him sleep. The nurse came back in and said she had been watching my screen and could see I was having some pretty serious contractions. She told me I could have my epidural anytime. She said there was some pain medication I could have if I wasn't ready for the epidural though, which I wasn't yet. I thought I could tough it out a little longer. I took her up on the pain medication. I also asked her for something for heartburn because it was so bad I thought I was going to throw up. The pain med took away the edge of the contractions pretty instantly. She checked me again and I was a 4. I found that hard to believe with all the pain I had been in. Another half hour passed and I was in some serious pain again. I debated pushing the call button for some more meds, and finally gave in. She gave me more of the same stuff and it helped a little but not near as much as before.

It was now 3:20am ish and I was shaking so bad. I wasn't cold. If anything I was hot, and I felt like I was going to puke, but I guess that's pretty normal with all the adrenaline that was going through my body! Collin was awake now and telling me he thought I should get the epidural. I agreed. I called the nurse and told her she could call for the epidural.

The anesthesiologist arrived around 3:50am and I had my epidural by 4am. The relief was insane! I should have got it earlier. For some reason I had in my head that I wanted to be dilated to a five before I got the epidural. That was seriously dumb of me. I had been contracting consistently for 12 long hours and if I could go back I'd have asked for it way sooner! For all you not-yet-moms worrying about the epidural pain, it was seriously nothing compared to the contractions I was having! She checked me again and I was still only a 4 and 100% ephased so she started some Pitocin in my IV and said the doctor would be there around 7 to break my water. I finally slept for about an hour and a half until a new nurse came in and said my doctor would be there anytime. He came around 7:15am, broke my water, and checked me. I was a 6. I was so relieved to see him. I told him this baby really wanted him to deliver him that's why he was coming 2 weeks early before he left on vacation. The nurse kept coming in and adjusting this big egg shaped exercise ball in between my legs and rotating me from side to side to help open up my pelvis. I remember the sun shining into our room as it got light outside. I remember thinking how our lives were about to change forever. I took a picture of it because I wanted to remember these last few moments of just Collin and I forever.

We talked about what he would look like, laughed, and felt nervous for what was to come. I remember we talked about what his spirit was doing. Whether he was in heaven so excited saying "I'm ready to go!" And anxiously awaiting his birth, or whether his spirit had been in his body the whole time. We decided that the spirit had been with his body since he was conceived and with me all that time. Something that was so crazy to think about! Collin kept bringing me ice, and holding my hand. He'd go lay down on the couch every once in awhile, just until I made him get up to come kiss me. I think I may have been a little bit needy during these couple hours, but he was such great support and never once complained.

Around 11am my nurse came in and checked me again. I was a 10!! We waited for an hour while my contractions pushed him down the birth canal (what they call rest and descend). I pushed my epidural button once more around 12pm because the contractions were getting to be painful again and around 12:10pm I started pushing.

I don't remember many little details about the pushing part. I know that my eyes were closed the whole time, and my pain was so bad I was hysterically crying. (More on why it was so painful later) I pushed for an hour before she called my doctor. He came and was great at calming me down and talking me through the pain. I remember the last push he told me to open my eyes and give him a half push.

I did. It was then, at 1:34pm, that our lives changed forever when our sweet Case Collin was born.

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